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ATC Loudspeakers and Electronics distribution for the Australian market, retail outlets in every state and support for all ATC Electronic products. Our brands deliver that reproduction so you can capture every little bit detail that you are meant to hear.


Music is Universal


Latest news and updates of ATC Electronics and Loudspeakers here in Australia and we will also touch on Global stories. We will also share ATC Speaker and electronic reviews. We would like ATC discussion to be held within out comments. We will actively participate where we can so feel free to comment. 


Music is Universal

Aaron Tate


Music is a universal that is understandable by all human beings regardless of race, creed or culture.

We don't have to be taught how to respond to live music we simply respond in a natural manner.  Recorded music is not that old really being around one hundred and thirty years old since sound was first recorded and played back.  In our opinion anyone can pick a system that is able to play back music to a level that one can respond to naturally.   The real question is how do we judge the system?

Do we look at the specifications?..What can they tell us other than what they may add or detract from the original musical signal?

An amplifier may be whatever wattage with whatever distortion however not until it is plugged in and driving a particular speaker can we get to grips with the amplifiers performance and more importantly the music itself.    So what do we do?

We start at the source itself, Turntable, CD or Streamer.  The better the source the better the music that ends up at the output, the best amp in the world driving the most accurate speakers are unable to reproduce or improve the source signal so start here and build the system accordingly.

Next tis the amp, either integrated or pre and power.  Again just because we have a pre and power amp is not an  assurance the two will out perform a superior integrated.  So ensure your dealer knows what we refer to as the hierarchy of system building.  Source first, them amp and finally the speaker.

With ATC speakers (which are, by and large, universally regarded as the best tool for recording studios engineers and producers globally) we have a range of loudspeakers that enable domestic users to have the same insight to their favourite recordings.   Driven by the finest source and amplification ATC can reproduce all of the music with unfailing accuracy.   Domestic models are built to the same standard as the professional range indeed both ranges are identical apart from the enclosures where real timber veneers are used on the domestic range.

Apart from the Entry Series all the Classic and Tower Series are available in both Passive and Active form however with Active playback all of the music is reproduced with nothing lost as is the case with passive crossovers.  No matter how accurate the passive crossover is music is lost forever however with Active playback all of the music is r retained and delivered to the respective drivers.

Assuming the above is observed we believe an ATC speaker is able to get you closer to the music than any other speaker, however don't take out word for it judge yourselves at an ATC outlet.