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ATC Loudspeakers and Electronics distribution for the Australian market, retail outlets in every state and support for all ATC Electronic products. Our brands deliver that reproduction so you can capture every little bit detail that you are meant to hear.


Melbourne Audio Club


Latest news and updates of ATC Electronics and Loudspeakers here in Australia and we will also touch on Global stories. We will also share ATC Speaker and electronic reviews. We would like ATC discussion to be held within out comments. We will actively participate where we can so feel free to comment. 


Melbourne Audio Club

George Oosthuizen

It was one of the hottest days in Melbourne, and yet we had a fantastic turnout! The Melbourne Audio Club celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year hosted an evening with Billy Woodman from ATC Loudspeakers and Electronics. 

The monthly meeting in Ringwood Victoria is held by this group of audiophiles and music lovers. Due to the hot weather we had that week we could not get the ATC Loudspeakers delivered in time to have a listen. One of the members was kind enough to bring in a few ATC Drivers he had lying around. 


These drivers turned out to be a great prop for Billy to show the features of their great driver designs. Questions came from everywhere and the initial talk time of one hour quickly turned into two and half hours. Even though we had no music to listen too we all had great time learning from Billy and the years of experience he gladly shared with us. 

JAG would like to thank each and everyone from the Audio Club for making the evening a fantastic event. Many questions was asked which we could not cover. I would encourage anyone who has questions about supply and costs of the ATC Loudspeakers or Electronics to speak to the guys at Stereophonic.

Stereophonic Docklands
Phone: 03 9670 0026

And for the DIY guys, yes we can sell you the ATC Drive units. Currently this is done directly through JAG, please contact us through our online form and we will be touch with all the details needed.