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ATC Loudspeakers and Electronics distribution for the Australian market, retail outlets in every state and support for all ATC Electronic products. Our brands deliver that reproduction so you can capture every little bit detail that you are meant to hear.


ATC & Lejonklou Event


Latest news and updates of ATC Electronics and Loudspeakers here in Australia and we will also touch on Global stories. We will also share ATC Speaker and electronic reviews. We would like ATC discussion to be held within out comments. We will actively participate where we can so feel free to comment. 


ATC & Lejonklou Event

George Oosthuizen

Its been a few days since we had the ATC/Lejonklou event at the monthly Melbourne Audio Club, and there are moments of the evening still vivid in my mind. We could not get a pair of ATC SCM40' for the night, they were completely sold out in Victoria. We did pair up the Lejonklou Sagatun Mono-Pre amps and Tundra power amp with the ATC SCM 19'. This match turned out to be very musical. 

The Lejonklou Mono Pre-Amplifiers Master and Servant are linked with an optical cable to keep volume control in sync and we had them set to Single Source which bypass all other inputs. As soon as you turn on the system the Pre-Amplifiers gets into sync and volume is displayed using a coloured LED, Purple is low and then go through the colour spectrum to red (which we never achieved) as yellow was loud enough! 

We had all music stored on a Synology NAS unit with a good 24bit catalogue from Linn Records, HD-Tracks and B&W Society of Sound. We handed an Apple iPad to the convener and they had made up a playlist as the night progressed. 

More information on the Lejonklou hardware can be found here

For the evening we had the following hardware breakdown:

  • Synology DS712+ Network Attached Storage
  • Aerohive BR100 Wireless Router (Data Connectivity)
  • Linn Majik Digital Streamer with Dynamik Power Supply
  • ATC SCM 19 Bookshelf Speakers on solid stands.
  • 2 X Lejonklou Sagatan Mono Pre-amplifiers
  • 1 X Lejonklou Tundra Power amplifier
  • Linn Silver Interconnects
  • Linn K20 Speaker Cabling