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ATC Loudspeakers and Electronics distribution for the Australian market, retail outlets in every state and support for all ATC Electronic products. Our brands deliver that reproduction so you can capture every little bit detail that you are meant to hear.


Melbourne Audio Club SCM 40A Experiance


Latest news and updates of ATC Electronics and Loudspeakers here in Australia and we will also touch on Global stories. We will also share ATC Speaker and electronic reviews. We would like ATC discussion to be held within out comments. We will actively participate where we can so feel free to comment. 


Melbourne Audio Club SCM 40A Experiance

George Oosthuizen

I arrived at 06:30 pm to start setting up the newly launched ATC SCM40A loudspeakers. The first pair to arrive in Australia and the first unboxing. 
The crate size was smaller than expected, the pair comes with spikes and separate base plate that is attached to the speaker once unboxed. The launch models all ship with a very high quality ATC brochure pack. It took 30min to get them standing. 
Once setup the Active loudspeakers was given power and connected up via Balanced cables to a Linn Akurate DSM. The DSM provided ultra high quality digital streaming source controlled by analogue pre-amplifier. We used Synology Media Server, serving a 24bit music library. 

After checking a few settings we had music playing, and with the first notes I knew these are special. Nick our host and convener of the evening had time to line up a playlist for the evening.  The Club affairs was dealt with and the music started. Billy Woodman provided some history around why the SCM40A's was made. Then dived into the technical details. 
My personal opinion of the pair is probably biased, in saying that I will continue to rave about them. 
They sound clean and well powered, no effort to produce music at a decent volume.  For the large room they provided ample. 

The main take away for me was that the system disappeared and I just enjoyed the selection of music. Audiophile tracks are not exactly part of my day-to-day listening. It introduced new music which sounded great.