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323 Goodwood Road
Kings Park
South Australia, 5034

08 8373 2323

ATC Loudspeakers and Electronics distribution for the Australian market, retail outlets in every state and support for all ATC Electronic products. Our brands deliver that reproduction so you can capture every little bit detail that you are meant to hear.



Latest news and updates of ATC Electronics and Loudspeakers here in Australia and we will also touch on Global stories. We will also share ATC Speaker and electronic reviews. We would like ATC discussion to be held within out comments. We will actively participate where we can so feel free to comment. 


Start with the "Source"

George Oosthuizen

When it was announced, I was not a big fan of the Pono Player. However now that it is readily available I am keen on trying one out. Especially after listening to Neil Young on the TWiT Network

Neil Young spoke about how good lossless audio sounds and how important the source is in any system. Which I have seen time and time again. Take a look at the video of the TWiT Triangulation Episode.